Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010


We're just back from Leipzig where we've been into a 24hComics "competition"- I don't think it will be considered a competition since we were only 5 people in the event. But we were in for the fun. Most awesome is that we both (me and Rem) finished the 24 pages required. I never thought we'd do it after reading about the event on the net. The 24h Comics was started by Scott McCloud famous comics theorist in 1990 and since then it has spread world wide. But here's the data in wiki
The organizer and MC of the event was Jan Hartmann - a crazy guy from Frankfurt who just got the idea to do this aside the Leipziger Buch Messe, and, not knowing anybody in Leipzig, just gave a shout on Couchsurfing and the locals managed to find a place, a DJ, a vocal singer, catering and make this possible. And have a party at the same time. The people from the Essential Existence Gallery were also great - they took care of us , and fed us and stayed up the whole time with us .
We also tried for the first time the Mitfahr thing (very organized riding-together system they have in Germany) and Couchsurfing and we were lucky to find some very nice people. Especially Anja, our most patient host.
Thanks everybody.
No pictures , though... cause silly us, we went there with the camera's battery empty and no charger. But there are pictures and there will be a film also, I guess, on the event's blog
we got also some time to visit Leipzig - beautiful city center and nice parks with squirrels :)

So here's my chef d'oeuvre :P

Monday, March 01, 2010

the Defulator 2000

I found this drawing yesterday. It was made for the Aoleu "newspaper" but it didn't get in because the lettering of the "article" related was ugly and I never found time to correct that. I know it doesn't make much sense if you haven't been at least once walking through downtown Bucharest - with the traffic jams and the continuous honking, with the danger of being hit on the pedestrian crossing on green light and so on. I always wanted to have a loud speaker so I could shout back at the idiot drivers and also a pair of ice climbing shoes so I could walk on the sidewalk even if it was full with parked cars.