Friday, July 10, 2009


Back again... to show the result and some of the process of our, almost 3 months work... Not that we worked only at this.
How to do:
- first measure the room- the space where it will be built.
- go to Hornbach or other DIY supplier and search for materials and compare prices
- make project. Better if you have architect boyfriend to do it
- go back to Hornbach and get the supplies speaking terrible German and confusing all the shop assistants. Fun , though...
- home- sort the wood pieces , see what cuts do you still have to do...,cause they don't cut at angles ...

- cut then grind the wood, with the electric sander you bought- because it was cheaper to take the raw wood and the tool then to take the wood already smoothed.

- then it is best to aply some drench treatment to the wood

- all wood prepared proceed to assemblage.
- first make the floor structure

- ad pillars

- get friends to help you overturn the structure
- overturn structure

- be happy about it!

- make stairs, and remember to strech your back once in a while

-attach stairs to the structure

-if stairs prove too big - adjust with a saw

-that felt stoopid
- ad hardboards to structure

- NOW move up all the furniture you want to put there.

- you can put up the balustrade now...

- the last screw...!

- wake up the next morning, well rested and pleased with your work