Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ch 4

ummm... hello.

Remember me? been away long time, I know... but with some good results. Me and some friends put up a magazine - actually i didn't do so much for the publication itself - but for promoting it. We thoght of how to make it's entry and we began organising an event... wich grew by itself to the size of a small national convention... So we called it "Otaku Festival" - if you don't know what an otaku is - pls go wikipedia
Well, there were loads of work and it didn't all turn out right - like ... we didn't actually had the magazine out of print for the event... ha,ha, but noone seemed to mind that much. The atmosfere was so right, people were enthusiastic and squirming around making new aquaintances, watching anime, documentaries and other video stuff ,or playing GO, or competing in a video games chalange... to bad the shop area wasn't very well supplied- they would have bought anything :D
There have been thousands of pics taken. We are still colecting and selecting...
The mag is out now and we are trying to make a good promo for it, but the publication speaks for itself cuz it is a masterpiece. Leave alone the special quality of paper, the content is highly proffesional , still widely accesable... (don't mind my speech- i'm PR training these days) In other words the thing is bloody good and we are very proud of it :P
Another reason for wich I didn't post earlier is that I wanted to finish one more strip. Thing is that nothing really happened with the Beer Architects the meanwhile... See for yourselves why:

...and gone she was... the time stood still for The Beer Architects...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ch 3

well, it's been some time... I got plenty excuses, but I won't bore you with that...
In stead ... check this :
"the opening party incident"

Monday, July 24, 2006


B.E.E.R. architects - "The Dawn of a New Era"
I finally found some time to start this project too... Any resemblance to real persons is not pure coincidence ;P

Sunday, July 23, 2006


so...let us show you something...
the insides of a desertet glassware factory.
This is my new favourite sport Urban-hiking.
No entrance fee (except for the little hole in my pants) and as much as you can carry "souvenirs"
thanx Dan!


well... it's done. I added a new branch to my urban identity. thing that made me terribly tired, so I'll have to take a break before adding anything else...