Monday, November 23, 2009


I remembered something : the sole time somebody shouted something at me on the street, since I live in Berlin... it was in the Turkish market and it was : " Hey , Feuerkopf!" ...
I took that as a compliment ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mauer Mob

When in Berlin - do as berliners.
Two weeks ago was the celebration of 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

There was a big havoc all around the city, so we couldn't completely miss the action (as we did with the traditional police fight on the 1'st of May), especially since we had guests... So we enlisted, guests included in the Mauer Mob - that aimed to place people with lights all along the trace of the wall.

We went a bit further from our home , even though the wall used to pass really close to our place, thinking that maybe after we could go see what's on at the Brandemburger Tor... Not a chance! there must have been a million people out in the street there


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Me&sis, artsy-craftsy

stuff me and sis did together

So it's like this...

We were in Ro...
(I'll skip the complaining - nothing changed for the beter, that's all)
So... we got to see ppl... best thing - I spent a month with my sis, doin stuff together an' all.
-went to a most awesome IAMX concert. Brilliant, just brilliant! Sound was better than in Berlin.
Then there was Anim'est - the animation festival of Romania. An exausting week , I put myself through a workshop, as well, held by two very nice girls from Belgium, it turned out pretty nice , but very chalenging - given the conditions... Here-s the result!
The festival was great, wonderfull movies - my favourite feature was Lascars - delirious french hood story, great hip-hop soundtrack! Lots of good short animation, gorgeous videos like Blame - I love Motomichi Nakamura's work!
Of course the national competition started a scandal... Anyway, even if his film wasn't the best in competition, the Vali Chincisan is one of my favorites romanian video artists.

Next : OTAKU- End of the World launch. It was raining ... not nice weather , not nice at all!
... but we had a fridge, a broken TV, some candles from the mitropoly, some incence and a corporate chick that breaks up often with her boyfriend... Big success, what can I say...

Oh, I almost forgot: thank you IDEA design&print for printing our magazine in the required quality at first try and on a lower cost than Poligrafia Codex did.

Next - the BD Saloon in Constanta - I was invited to represent Romania... People were nice but I kind of felt like at the wrong place at the wrong age ...
Same time - there was Nijikon ongoing in Bucharest, luckily we still got to se a part of it... Wrong age again! :)
So this was pretty much it - our month in Ursus Country
Oh : - I got dreads!