Monday, May 10, 2010

Fumetto-Luzern-die Schweiz

Freshly back from Fumetto . I'll just quickly underline what's been the most. Most nice was that on the first day we found out that not only my work has been selected for the exhibition
but also Rem's.

Most interesting exhibitions were those of Souther Salazar, Thomas Ott and Dani Affolter, Chihoi, Brecht Evans, and of course Jack Kirby. Most happy I am because I got to meet and talk to Dan Perjovschi, an artist -in the old sense of the word- who's works I admire for a long time. Most thankful I am to David Schielter , maker of Kus magazine and The Last Match, cause he introduced us to most of the people we met there. Most fond, I am of Juanita, romanian german gipsy vampire, born in Sighisoara (thats 52km from my hometown), living in Berlin and making beautiful comics. Most annoyed I was of the prices in Switzerland. Most impressed I was with the screening at the KTv night - all animated music videos, but twisted as they can be. Most sorry I am, we didn't have more time to spend with our hosts Gisela and Markus from Couchsurfing.
Most delightful bar decoration:
most white baloons
most touristic photo (you really couldn't resist the view)

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