Saturday, April 18, 2009

OTAKU Magazine 5

Long break again... Been away...
 To "sweet homeland" actually. To get my nose rubbed in it again... Each time i go there  it's sure to get piled up with things that just don't work right... More and more I understand that saying of a Romanian TV show man: "we live in Romania and that is what eats up all our time"
I happened that we had a launch to do - number 5 of our Otaku Magazine- PLAY issue...  

Here's the cover I made

We went back to Ro for that - because the plans to have the magazine out at the beginning of march when we were there also, didn't work out... Anyway, not small of a surprise was to get the magazine all fucked up  from the print house. (famous Codex print house- whose manager insisted to have Otaku printed there "cause she just loves it") So we had a draft launch in Bucharest on the 28 of march. Thanks to OTA who was our host, to Minus who performed some of his crazy 8 bit music and to everybody that came and had a good time and cheered us up, it was a nice evening.
 Anyway , we returned to Berlin  and Otaku was supposed to be relaunched in Cluj at Yume-Tea House... And thanks to the same print house it was a draft again- they couldn't make things right in two weeks. 
Now, i've  heard  it is finally ok. Just one month of delay... Hopefully  I'll find some print house in Germany that can do the job in a common sensed time.

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