Sunday, February 28, 2010


Freshly out of the oven.
And another victory in the jewish cooking adventure, for me... Not that I'm going "Julie and Julia" to the book of Kosher, but the pictures from Wikipedia - where I go to read about traditions and holidays - like Purim (which is today) make me wanna try and cook stuff. especially sweets ;)
Oh, and tradition says - you have to drink till you don't know what's what(till you cannot tell friend from foe) on this day. We'll proceed to that later.


H said...

yummz! :)

AlanGrey said...

Hmm..Inka cookin' sweets.... Now, one can be mesmerized by nottin' anymore, lol. Btw : those thingies give me the creeps : they look so pretty, i would actually eat 'em ! 'Grats gurl ! Question : where can I find that Wikidunnowhat cookin' book u're using ?:P... Who's the geek now ?

InkaMon said...

man - there iz no wiki cook book. iz just pics of fud on wiki. - then i goes find recipi where recipi iz.